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Guojiao 1573

ALC: 52% ALC/VOL VOL: 500ML Guojiao 1573 is produced in our treasured fermentation pits that have been in continuous use for over four centuries. It is the cream of Luzhou Laojiao and our flagship product. Tasting Notes: A floral nose with honey, pine resin and grilled pineapple. A velvety mouthfeel with a burst of fruit and a raisin-like finish reminiscent of the best grappa. Serve Chilled: Try Guojiao 1573 served chilled at 12°C, it allows the fragrance and mellowness to converge to deliver an enhanced aroma.
$199.00 (Temporarily out of stock)

Guojiao 1573 Australian Open Commemorative Edition

40% ALC/VOL ,750ML A special edition designed to celebrate Luzhou Laojiao’s partnership with the 2019 Australian Open, marking an important step in bringing the aroma of inspiration to the international community.
$399.00 (Temporarily out of stock)


Wood Precious is a born collectible superior to the drinking standard, which with elegant, luxurious, and quaint style. There is the seal of Chinese word precious on the bottom left corner of the liquor label. This liquor adopts the red, black, white and gold, and Flying Fairy logo. The big red gift box included the traditional bronze goblet and the copy of ‘Jingui Award’ certificate to enrich liquor culture elements. This liquor not only has a complex flavor, it's also a great choice for collectors.
$689.00 (Temporarily out of stock)


Fenjiu is a Chinese Baijiu from Shanxi province that is well known for its fresh and clean taste. It has light aromas with a long finish. It is traditionally served warm at 40 degrees Celsius, as it is produced in a cool and mountainous region, and is best matched with Shanxi style food such as their handmade noodles with aged vinegar and chili oil, which is spicy and sour. It’s famous for its exceptional quality and irreplaceable characteristics.
The town of Moutai is surrounded by the ChiShui River, famously known as China’s ‘Fine Wine River’. Much of the production of Moutai relies on this water source, and in order to protect it, the Chinese government limits factories and large businesses nearby.
Why is Moutai so unique? -Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Why is Moutai so unique?
Together, we will travel back to Shanghai in the 1920s and spend an evening enjoying old world glitz and glamour. You will enjoy fine wines, spirits, canapes and entertainment, including a Moutai cocktail demonstration.
Luzhoulaojiao partnership with Australian Open 2019
Moutai x Hennessy Event 2018 茅台与轩尼诗品鉴酒会