Guojiao 1573

ALC: 52% ALC/VOL VOL: 500ML Guojiao 1573 is produced in our treasured fermentation pits that have been in continuous use for over four centuries. It is the cream of Luzhou Laojiao and our flagship product. Tasting Notes: A floral nose with honey, pine resin and grilled pineapple. A velvety mouthfeel with a burst of fruit and a raisin-like finish reminiscent of the best grappa. Serve Chilled: Try Guojiao 1573 served chilled at 12°C, it allows the fragrance and mellowness to converge to deliver an enhanced aroma.

· Premium product from Luzhou Laojiao, the father of Strong Aroma Baijiu

· The only Strong Aroma baijiu brand using certified organic sorghum as ingredient

· Fermenting in National Treasure Cellars built in 1573 and limited cellars that are at least 100 years old. All distillates must have been aged in natural cave for at least 5 years. Fullfilling refined brewing techniques and strict requirements. The standard boutique for appreciating the Chinese liquor.

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Moutai Flying Fairy is a traditional signature product from Moutai. Reminiscent of no other, its taste and aroma includes tropical fruits and pear, smoky nuts and sweet plums. Clear in colour like water but powerful and complex in flavours. It has very floral and perfume like aromas with hints of pineapple, guava and kiwi fruit on the nose. Smoky note in the mid palate tropical fruits, white flowers and hints of herbaceous combined for a long finish.
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Fenjiu is a type of light-flavoured spirit. It is a Chinese baijiu from Shanxi province. It is recognised for its clean and pure taste. It has sweet, mild and well balanced flavours on the palate. It has delicate aromas with a light and refreshing finish. Fenjiu is traditionally served warm at 40 degrees Celsius, as it is produced in a cool and mountainous region, and is best matched with Shanxi style food such as their handmade noodles with aged vinegar and chili oil, which is spicy and sour.

Luzhou Laojiao Antique Edition

52% ALC/VOL 500ML The Luzhou Laojiao Antique Edition is created using traditional Chinese Baijiu production methodologies and bottled in an exquisite clay bottle reminiscent of our past. The low material density of the clay bottle also allows the Baijiu to ‘breathe’, making it a living Baijiu. Tasting Notes: An aroma of toasted sesame oil and fermented soy. A rich and umami body with notes of nuts, dark chocolate, and sour cherry. White pepper on the finish.